Women Self Defence

The Women Self Defence project promotes community safety by providing women with the tools to increase safety awareness of their immediate environment and surroundings, and share techniques that women can use to protect themselves. 

We developed a safety awareness videos series, so they can be shared on social media to empower more women to learn the techniques and tools.

 All the safety tools are developed for women by women, recognising and acknowledging the smaller stature and physique of women.

We empower women with the tools to improve physical wellbeing and safety awareness.

About the project

Learn more about why we are creating this project with Wesa Chau, producer and co-director.


We have launched the full video series on Tuesday 11 July.  Click here for the full series.

Head Instructor

We know how important it is to have women as instructors for self defence, that is why we partnered with Anne Pang Self Defence on this project. She shares her the defence strategies that have been tested in her 30 years of experience of being a self defence instructor.  Anne is the only women who received an Tribute Award, an award recognised by the martial arts industry, for her excellence in martial arts fighting men.  After identifying a gap that there is a lack of women self-defence courses that are developed by women, she has developed her own style of self defence that works for shorter women.

Why self defence?

Why do women have to learn self-defence? Anne Pang answers why we need it even though the responsibly of violence always rests with the perpetrator.

Stranger attack

This video outlines the stages in which stranger attackers go through to help you understand why safety awareness is so important.

Non-stranger attack

This video outlines the stages that non-stranger attackers go through to help you understand why setting boundaries early is so important.

Self defence course

Want to learn women self defence physical techniques? The basic courses (8 hours) FREE for the community is currently full. 

Anne offers some course from time to time, if you are interested to learn, please express your interest and we can let you know if there are future courses available. 

Tailored self defence

Want to empower more women to learn self defence? Want to organise a course for your group? Contact us.

Get in touch

We are always open to partner with organisations on projects and collaborations to keep women safe.  Contact us!